• Elevado padrão de qualidade do mobiliário e visão empreendedora dos seus fundadores....

    A Tors

    Founded in May 1986, the company arose from a family project which due to the high quality standard of the furniture and the entrepreneurial vision of its founders rapidly gained fame in the Portuguese market.

    After years of development, the small family firm, largely geared to handmade products, realised it was no longer able to meet the dynamic requirements of its leaders and the growth of the market itself, being obliged to create increasingly sophisticated products, whereby the expansion of the facilities became unavoidable.

  • A new production plant was built equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology, while not forgetting the company´s original philosophy of “every customer is a friend”.

    Permanently focused on the primary goals of comfort and aesthetics, the company managed to unite all these components in an industrial plant, resorting to the handmade touch whenever necessary.

    In accordance with the organisational level achieved, together with the leading position held in the European scenario, the company is now embarking on an internationalisation process involving markets outside the EU. Comprehensive market research showed that the Portuguese-speaking African countries were the priority. In the year 2000 the company achieved another of its objectives and put into practice the business relations with the markets identified.

  • On the increase in the percentage of exports in the company´s sales structure, an independent branch was created with the aim of organising, disclosing and expanding Tors products on the international markets.
    Today, aware of the fact we operate in an extremely competitive and highly demanding market, we have expanded our services into the field of decoration and we possess a skilled team trained to idealize and customize, striving to make a difference in any environment whatsoever.

    Mission / Values
    We have achieved excellence by means of innovation, quality and professionalism, aiming to always exceed the customer´s expectations.
    Our team´s motivation is to guarantee the quality of all Tors services and to ensure all our projects stand out from the rest as a result of the daring and innovation applied.

  • Business
    We provide a wide range of solutions in the field of furniture and decoration with a view to meeting all kinds of requests and adapting the same to the type of budget involved.
    We provide details of all terms of supply and maintain permanent contact with the customer as a means of dealing with doubts, suggestions and updates to the project in question.

    We have a technical department with professionals specialising in design and decoration who, using state-of-the-art technology, develop our customers´ demands down to the finest detail.
    The creation and recreation of an area is subjected to a study for conversion into a unique, cozy and fully functional environment.
    We present all our projects in an innovative manner and with all the details highlighted to enhance perception.

  • Post-Sales Service
    Customer monitoring and loyalty building as a means of guaranteeing a pleasant experience and forging a long-term relationship.
    As a means of guaranteeing customer satisfaction we are proactive in the maintenance and replacement of material in the event a defect is detected.